• Teachers' Mental Health and Wellness proudly produced:

    TeachWellFest 2018

  • What is TeachWellFest all about?

    A word from the founder: Georgia Holleran

    I am overjoyed that so many people have also thought it was a great idea to have a Wellness Festival for Teachers* (*for ALL school staff but 'SchoolStaffWellFest' didn't have the same ring to it!) So, with only three months from securing the venue and with A LOT of help from all sorts of wonderful teacher wellness people TeachWellFest happened on 30th June at Passmores Academy.


    The vision I had for TeachWellFest was to be a place of light, colour, joy, music, happiness and everything I love about festivals - but above all I wanted it to be USEFUL. I've seen a lot of tired, second-hand information and fluff peddled in the name of wellbeing and that's what sparked the idea of pulling all the excellent teacher wellness ideas together in one place. And the day itself didn't disappoint! With sunshine, music, ideas, happiness, practical advice and strategies at every turn TeachWellFest proved that teacher wellness was very much alive and kicking in the UK ;-)

    Teacher Wellness: it's up to us!

    Georgia Holleran - Founder

  • The TeachWellFest Programme

    TeachWellFest was on 30th June 2018.

  • The wonderful people who presented

    Emma Kell

    Teacher and Author

    Vic Goddard

    Principal of Passmores Academy

    Julian Stanley

    CEO of Education Support Partnership

    Andrew Cowley






    Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

    Collaborative Leadership Ltd

    Victoria Hewett

    Teacher and @MrsHumanities

    Sarah Dodsley

    SDE Coaching



    Seahorse Education Partnerships

    Emma Buggins



    Anoara Mughal


    Stephen Evans

    Strictly Come Wellness!!



    Integrity Coaching



    Chartered College





    Kimberley Evans

    Nourish The Workplace

    Miriam Cohen

    The Philosophy Foundation

    Crown House Publishing


  • Here's what went on...

    Blogs from the speakers and workshop facillitators

  • Education Support Partnership

    Charity Partner of TeachWellFest

    Everything we do is focused upon improving the mental health

    and wellbeing of educators.

  • More fabulous supporters of TeachWellFest

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    Gary Wilkie

    CEO of Learning In Harmony Trust

    Alison Kriel

    Former HT & Founder: Above & Beyond

    Sarah Tweddell

    Wellbeing Coordinator: Robert Barclay Academy

    Lucinda Powell

    Minds Ahead & School Mental Health Award Coach

    Katy O'Connor

    HT Lessness Heath School

    Sue Roffey

    Founder: Growing Great Schools

    Karen Eames

    DHT & Founder Happy teachers Happy Schools

    Liz Halton

    AP Bradfields Academy

    Lisa Lea-Weston

    Oak Practice

    Felicity King

    Reset not INSET

    Helen Pengelly

    Conscious Schools

    Andy Sammons

    Teacher & Author

    Corrinne Lamoureux

    Mental Health First Aid

    Karen Dempster

    Fit 2 Communicate

    Kelly Bishop

    Amazing Minds

    Khalil Hassanali


    Pupil Progress

    Teachwell Alliance