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Come and see me - Emma Buggins

You will not believe your eyes ...

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My name is Emma Buggins and my passion for Aerial Fitness began back in November 2016.

I went to my first Pole Fitness class with the attitude that I would never be able to do it. 2 years on and have my own Aerial Fitness studio. Our current classes involve Adult Aerial Hoop and Pole Fitness, children's Aerial Hoop, Pole Fitness and Pole Silks. Our classes that we provide are not just about Fitness, but more about having fun, doing something you will quickly fall in love with. We offer day time classes, evening classes and holiday clubs.

Aerial Fitness has many benefits, one of them being strength. Putting your body through things it never thought it could. When I started Aerial Fitness, lets just say I was a lot bigger! I have lost almost 4 stone through doing something I am so passionate about. The enjoyment I got out of classes was the reason why I kept going back, the friends I made, the progress in my body, the progress in the moves I could do. We're not just a studio, but a family, filled with members who support each other through everything they do.

I very much look forward to meeting you at TeachWellFest.