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Come and see me - Georgia Holleran

Talking all about how we are all self saboteurs!

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If you're interested in discovering how your subconscious is not always your best friend then come to my session at TeachWellFest. In it I'll reveal to you:

  • The two things you don’t know about how you think.
  • The five levels through which ALL your thoughts and actions are channelled.
  • How the combination of these two COMPLETELY HIDDEN processes conspires to trip you up, out fox you and generally sabotage your efforts to change over and over again.

And I’ll also tell you why you will NEVER reach some of your goals, even with the most meticulously thought-through plans. (Unless you remember just one thing … Come along and find out what!)


I have been helping people identify and eliminate what’s been holding them back for over twenty years. Collecting qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and a raft of other people-y skills along the way I am confident that no one need continue suffering with the burden of issues from the past, frustration in the present or anxiety about the future. Getting to the root of the matter is a simple process that, once that root is identified and eradicated, will cause ripples of change throughout every aspect of your life. If you’re excited about what this could mean to you then come along and meet me on the main stage at TeachWellFest. Or, if you really can’t wait until the 30th June, contact me and start to move towards the life you dream of :-)