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Come and see me - Kimberley Evans

Eat well, feel well. be well ...

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  1. A ham sandwich on white bread with a packet of crisps and a cake bar. 
  2. A chicken salad followed by fruit and natural yoghurt.

Which one would you prefer your pupils to eat?

  1. Sat at their desk, eating while they work.
  2. Eaten in a relaxed environment, with 15 mins away from their work.

Which one would you prefer your pupils to do?


Are you treating yourself with the same respect?


We all know how important it is for children to get the right nutrition and amount of water for their brains to work at their potential. We know that they need fresh air and a proper break. Yet we forget that we need that too.


Our pupils need us to have that, because when teachers look after themselves, they look after the pupils better. They are more focused, able to work more effectively, have more energy and enthusiasm.


Come along and see just how it easy it is to prep tasty, nutritional lunches that are easy to eat in school. See live cooking demos and tips of how to achieve this in the little time that you have in your day!


Find out why it is important to take a break and learn more about the Find Fifteen initiative. Learn how making small little changes to your school’s environment can have a lasting positive affect on your staff’s wellbeing.


I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you there!