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Come and see me - Sarah Dodsley

I will be giving you a snapshot of how to use coaching for growth

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The ever increasing pressure on teachers today means that all too often we are left feeling over whelmed and stressed with a mounting ‘to do list’ and a distinct lack of time! One thing is certain, we certainly can’t add any more hours to our day, but we can make better use of the time we have available to us and have more effective conversations. As a teacher and an Executive Coach I am acutely aware of the realities of school life and the complexities of relationships with staff and pupils and what happens when we don’t nurture them.

During a conversation have you ever wondered how present you are? Are you constantly thinking about the next thing on your list or the next question to ask in class?

How can I help? By demonstrating a coaching approach to conversations I can give you some powerful new skills that will help your working relationships to flourish and allow responsibility and accountability to remain with those who should own it.

I will work with you and show you how to really listen for meaning and consider some great questions that have the ability to really transform your conversations. Even those brief chats in the corridor can have a great impact!

I will demonstrate how to give difficult feedback in an assertive way that ensures that choice and responsibility remains where it should and promotes positive change without damaging working relationships.

We will also consider what our own personal goals are and what obstacles are in the way of achieving them and how coaching can help conquer our own limiting beliefs.

Coaching can be a powerful tool in our professional and personal lives and I look forward to giving you a snapshot of how it can make your day easier!